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Sing Along! 

Concerts on the bay are one of a kind!

There are two primary venues for ​concerts - Humphreys (start in April and run through October) and Bayside Summer Nights (starts July 4th and ends Labor Day Weekend)

Check out the Humphreys Calendar here

The Bayside Summer Nights Calendar will be available in May 


We can accommodate up to 12 people for concerts and we charge a flat $600 fee.  

The acoustics are great and you can get a good view of the stage.  

We want to get to the venue one hour before the first act starts to ensure we're able to get a good spot.  Typically we are boxed in and aren't able to leave until the concert ends.  

A bathroom on the boat is a huge luxury.  You're also able to bring whatever food and drinks you want at no charge.

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