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Update 3/22/17

Update 3/22/17

Today marks two months living in San Diego. A few notable highlights:

1) Guinea Pig Runs

I was able to do my first runs out on the San Diego Bay. So far so good!

It’s a bit intimidating with all the military ships out there – the military dominates the Bay and there’s tons of high speed military boats, huge warships and air craft carriers, constant helicopter flyovers, and the occasional fighter jet taking off. I’m very anti-war but have to admit that all those big machines are super cool. They are just so big and intense. Blu is not as charmed – the constant sounds terrify her.

The skyline of San Diego is really beautiful, definitely one of the flagship experiences is to see sunset out on the Bay followed by the city lighting up. With a full moon rising over downtown – and the post-sunset coloring – it’s hard to beat that. Not sure that will ever get old.

For the most part, the boat is super easy to handle which has been a pleasant surprise. I’m still trying to nail the parking of the boat in my slip – it’s nothing like driving a car and getting it to fit this huge boat into a tiny space has been a challenge. Lots of practice.

I haven’t yet done a lot of ocean exploring – it’s been mostly Bay trips. I’m hoping to really expand my understanding and aptitude on the water in the coming weeks. More guinea pig runs – come visit!

2) Captains License

The first half of March I spent 100% of my time in classes and studying for my captain’s exam. I learned a ton of random stuff – some practical – some not so practical.

I learned how to chart a navigational course using a compass, all the light and sound combinations that identify different types of ships and situations, I learned about the moons influence on the tides, the basics of firefighting, the different types of clouds and what they indicate, the different types of anchors and line used on a boat – and a bunch of other random stuff.

I was in class from 8-5 every day and had an additional 3-4 hours of studying every night. It was intense but I learned a ton and passed the test. Now I have to do a drug test, physical, federal background check, 1st aid and CPR certification – then send that into the Coast Guard – then wait 4-8 weeks for the official captain’s license. That 4-8 weeks is a welcome gap though – so much to do in the meantime!

3) What’s on Deck?

Boat Upgrades – I have a few small projects that I want to work on over the next couple months – These are a few that are top priority. Rigging a paddle board holder on the rails of the bow and purchasing two paddleboards that I can go out on. A new anchor chain that will work better than my current setup. New flooring for the deck. Deep cleaning the cushions.

Practice -- I want to become an expert at docking the boat and anchoring out in the water. Once I nail anchoring, I want to bust out the fishing poles and build a solid foundation for fishing in the kelp beds off Point Loma (and maybe even crabbing!)

Branding – I want to finalize my website, social media, and get prepared for a crowd funding campaign towards the end of April. That will be a huge project, as my financial timeline is largely dependent on raising money from friends and family (hint hint!)

Networking – my primary focus for growing the business will be word of mouth and relationship building – face to face. Those relationships will take time and patience but it starts now.

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