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Slowly and Surely

This week I came back to San Francisco to reconnect with friends.

A few learnings from my conversations over the course of the week:

1) The progress I’ve made feels slow when I’m in the thick of it – the day to day progress seems insignificant a lot of the time. After three months I’m realizing how much all that small stuff stacks up with time. I see the progress – and I’m proud of it. Navigating through the obstacles and pushing forward every day is the name of the game. Just keep going.

2) Take time to reflect – it’s highly productive time spent. Being able to talk at a high level and see the big picture is incredibly helpful. When I’m able to take a step back, the “why” becomes clear and that sense of conviction kicks in. A focus of mine moving forward will be to force those moments of reflection in more regularly. I’m going to try meditation and if you have suggestions or ideas on effective ways to do this please get in touch – would love to hear how you approach it!

3) If you let people in, you’ll get helped in weird ways. Across the board, I’ve had a steady stream of encouraging words – something that’s incredibly helpful – because it’s lonely sometimes. But even more exciting are the random connections, insights, advice, and feedback – and a lot of time that stuff hits the right cord at the right time – just what you needed in that moment. Very thankful to be surrounded by such amazing people (you -- hey dude!).

4) The biggest impact I can make with this entire venture is to inspire people to take risks and chase their dreams. If I pull this off and make it work, I’ll inspire someone --- maybe a lot of people – to make a jump and go for it. I want this to work as much for that reason as any other.

In the next couple weeks, I’ll be launching my crowd funding campaign and making my first big marketing push. I’m equally scared and excited -- a mix of emotions – but I’m ready – to jump in and go for it. More updates soon. Let’s go!

Here are my best friends -- Anders, Nicolay, and Jesse. We are playing frisbee golf -- my favorite thing in San Francisco. My life would be way lamer without these dudes.

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