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For more information on special events

call captain Justin at 619-629-5017

Festival of lights ​

On December 9th & December 16th head out to the Bay to watch the hundreds of boats who are decked out in lights parade around the Bay.  It will be magical!

catching Lobsters ​

From October 1st to November 15th you can head out into the Bay to catch lobster.  All the gear is included and we have a lobster guarantee! 

full moon

When the moon comes up over the downtown skyline it's amazing.  This special night cruise is only available on November 3rd and December 3rd. 

Humphreys concert schedule

Check out the Humphreys Concert Schedule -- which goes through the end of October.  We'll anchor the boat outside of the venue and you'll be able to see the stage, hear the music, and live it up.  Every concert cruise is priced at $350.

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