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The Bay, Your Way

Chill Charters delivers amazing boating experiences in San Diego.

How it Works

You purchase the boat on an hourly basis and a captain is provided for you.  Pricing includes everything (boat, captain, port fees, gas).  

Generally we require a minimum of 3 hours for a booking.


You are able to bring your own food and drinks (including alcohol).  All boats have a bathroom, music connection, and spacious layout. ​​

Pick Your Cruise

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Pick Your Boat


Summer Sauce


30' Double Decker

Mission Bay

2 (1).png

Dawn Marie


40' Cruiser

Mission Bay

Screen Shot 2022-07-05 at 7.46.15 AM.png

Moon Dog


40' Cruiser

San Diego Bay

Screen Shot 2019-05-07 at 4.59.03 PM.png

White Knights


60' Luxury Yacht

San Diego Bay

up to 27 people
Romance is a custom built 55' sailing yacht.  With a massive deck, you'll have plenty​ of space to party.  Sailing on Romance is a truly incredible experience.  

Unlike most other charter companies in San Diego Bay there are no hidden fees or additional charges.  You can bring your own food and alcohol.  The hourly rate listed includes port fees, marina fees, gas, captain etc.  The only additional charge is a tip to the captain and crew (at your discretion, we suggest 15%).  

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