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San Diego Sunset Cruise

Enjoy a private tour of San Diego Bay in the beauty of sunset. Chill Charters provides the best selection of boats and captains.

Summer Sauce

30' Deck Boat


Capacity: 10 People

Moon Dog

40' Cruiser


Capacity: 12 People

White Knights

60' Yacht​


Capacity: 12 People

Double Boat

Moon Dog + Summer Sauce


Capacity: 22 People



Cruise into the open ocean to watch the sunset on a private yacht set against the breathtaking backdrop of San Diego Bay with Chill Charters.

With simple pricing and good vibes, we can accommodate groups of up to 24 people. Your 3-4-hour charter is personalized to give you a unique experience. Our boats have bathrooms and audio setups for music. Our captains are the best in San Diego, and our top priority is to ensure safety and a good time.

Simple Pricing 

Hourly Rentals

Captain Provided

No Hidden Fees


Good Vibes

Music Connection

Spacious Layout


Water Toys


Hello! I’m Justin, and I appreciate you taking the time to check us out.

I started Chill Charters in 2017. On a dream that I would say goodbye to my desk job and pursue a career and life in the beauty of the outdoors.

Over the past six years, we’ve run over 1,000 charters, purchased six boats, and formed an awesome crew of great humans that captain each boat.

Our main focus is to provide a safe, relaxing, and memorable experience. San Diego is known for its chill vibes, and we want to be your favorite hidden gem in our beautiful city.

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