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Frequently Asked Questions

You can always call us directly at 949-310-6785.  
Talk to humans.  Not robots.
  • What makes you different?
    We’re super chill.
  • What’s Your Favorite Charter?
    Sunrise Cruise is my favorite (secret menu item) Party Cruise / Anchor n Chill if it’s hot (July - September) Sunset Cruise in open ocean → San Diego skyline at night (depart 1 hour before sunset) San Diego Tour if my parents are in town or have friends visiting
  • Can I Get a Discount?
    Our pricing is simple, fair, and a good value (zero nickels or dimes). We do offer a 15% weekday special if you book a charter for Monday-Thursday. Just be sure to mention "Code Chill".
  • Can I Bring My Own Food and Alcohol?
    Yes! You bring whatever you want, no charge. We think it’s stupid that other charter companies charge a bar service (notorious for nickels and dimes).
  • Can I go Swimming?
    Yes! We have water toys that are free to use when at anchor. Anchor-n-Chill parties are what made us famous (in small circles).
  • Do you allow children?
    Yes! Please note this when you book (especially with infants) so we can ensure we have the proper safety equipment.
  • Who is the Captain?
    We have four captains: Chris, Dan, Sonny, and Mark. They are all good humans and nice people who know how to create a good environment with safety as a top priority.
  • Is San Diego nice?
    Yes! San Diego is one of the top vacation destinations in the US. We are known for our awesome food and beautiful sites.
  • Who is Justin? Mark? Sonny? Chris?
    Justin (writing this FAQ) is the founder of Chill Charters, making sure the vibes are good. Mark (Captain of Summer Sauce) is on the front lines – the best. One of the greatest I’ve ever worked with. He’s very positive and he cares. Sonny (Captain of Moon Dog) is an actual pirate, highly recommended. Chris (Captain of White Knights) is the coolest dude I know in San Diego.
  • Can I Rent Without a Captain?
    No. For your safety. all of our boats for captained by out own, hand-picked team. That way you can fully enjoy your charter.
  • Can I Do Towing on a Tube?
    No. This is for your safety. However, we do have fun water toys for when we are anchored.
  • Refund Policy
    We offer a full refund if canceled a week or more in advance. If we cancel the charter because of rain or safety, clients will receive a full refund. We will not go out in the rain. Gloomy/cold weather is not rain. Very rarely do we have bad weather days. Embrace the crisp, fresh air, and bring a sweatshirt!
  • How Much Flexibility in the Itinerary?
    Some. San Diego Bay is big, so depending on the hours, number of people, and general direction, we can give you options on how to plan the best outing for you.
  • How Many Charters Have You Done?
    1,046 as of June 12th, 2024 and we’re going to keep going!
  • Parking details
    We highly recommend taking an Uber. Most times of year, you're able to pay for parking at the marina. For busy days in the summer, the parking lot is closed and the only parking available is at the Sheraton next door.
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